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Vulnerabilities pop up every day. You need constant intelligence to discover them,locate them,prioritize them for your business,and confirm your exposure has been reduced. Nexpose,Rapid7’s on-premise option for vulnerability management software,monitors exposures in real-time and adapts to new threats with fresh data,ensuring you can always act at the moment of impact.

Get a Real-Time View of Risk

How stale is your data? A few days? A few weeks? With Nexpose,you’ll never act on intel older than a few seconds. Our vulnerability management software collects and analyzes data in real-time,giving you a live view of your risk,24/7.

  • Instantly access,query,and share the most up-to-date insight on your risk via dynamic dashboards called Liveboards.
  • Detect new devices and vulnerabilities as soon as they enter your network with Adaptive Security.
  • Glean data from a number of sources,including agents,Rapid7's Sonar research project,VMWare and AWS integrations,and Adaptive Security.

Know Where to Focus

Most scanners score risk using a High/Medium/Low scale or the 1-10 CVSS scale. But when you have 400 highs,where do you start? Nexpose provides a more actionable 1-1000 risk score. We look at the vulnerability’s age,what exploits are available for it,and which malware kits use it to help you prioritize the highest risk vulnerabilities. If you have time to fix only 10 things today,fix where attackers will focus.

  • Create asset groups with 50+ filters that automatically update after every scan to keep up with changing networks.
  • Tag important assets as critical to filter them to the top of your remediation reports.
  • Know which vulnerabilities can be actively exploited – and which to fix first – via our Metasploit integration.

Set IT up for Success

Nexpose makes it easy to create asset groups based on how you divvy up remediation duties,and even easier to use those groups to create remediation reports for the teams responsible for those assets. Or more simply,we get the right info to the right people,so everyone can get more done.

  • Remediation reports include the top 25 actions that will reduce the most risk,as well as clear instructions on exactly what to do.
  • Create trending reports for management to show ROI and progress of your security program
  • Scan systems for policy misconfigurations to ensure your security controls are working properly.

Bring More to Your Security Program

“Point solutions” are a thing of the past—a modern security program is an ever-changing ecosystem of information and products working together to get smarter and improve each other’s ROI. Rapid7’s dedicated integrations team ensures that Nexpose is a foundational source of intelligence to the rest of your security program.

  • Rapid7 has more fully supported integrations than any other vulnerability management software.
  • We play well with all major SIEM products,as well as many ticketing solutions,next gen firewalls,and credential managers,and have exclusive partnerships with VMWare and Intel McAfee.
  • Nexpose also integrates with Rapid7 InsightIDR to combine vulnerability and exploitability context with advanced user behavior analytics and intruder detection.

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