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Danny Broadbent
CEO & Founder

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I founded the company myWeb Ltd in 2003 as I believed focussing my energy on the web would be the best thing to do,which happily has proven itself to be a wonderful decision,it's been an amazing journey so far meeting new clients,facing new tasks and progressing the company to its great success. Although being CEO & Founder of myWeb Ltd I am also the Lead Developer having two other partners in the company (Rehan Jawaid and Jessica Alston) allows me to still enjoy what I do best (developing frameworks and complex systems),therefore using my coding expertise and experience to build solid,secure website infrastructures that help our clients achieve their business goals online.

My extensive knowledge of the industry's leading programming languages allows me to build the best framework for each individual client,based on their objectives and requirements. I work with HTML,CSS,JavaScript,PHP,aJax,XML,JSON and jQuery on a daily basis and always choose the most cost-effective,efficient languages,servers and database systems for every project I oversee.

Working closely with both designers and developers has given me an appreciation of digital design aesthetics,and I relish the challenge of integrating back-end data storage and delivery with front-end design and usability. Database and back-end planning is an important part of any new website build,and I play a key role throughout the duration of our projects,from the initial briefing meetings right through to the completion and "go live" phases. At every stage of each project I am on hand to provide feedback and guidance to both employees and clients,helping to ensure that the design and build of each site is completed on time and on budget.

I love the logic behind coding and enjoy helping clients create enjoyable,user-friendly experiences for their website users. I am also naturally inquisitive when it comes to all things digital,which helps me keep track of all new industry trends and developments and ensures that I am always equipped to offer clients innovative solutions to their digital challenges.

Responsibilities / Experience

  • Controls the direction of the company
  • Decides budgets for all departments
  • Targets and initiates business partnerships with other companies
  • Drives the culture of the business
  • Oversees employment and ensures there are enough staff (and the right people)
  • Manages senior managers
  • Generates new business and gives approval of new projects
  • Responsible for day-to-day decisions
  • Identifies risks and ensures appropriate strategies are in place
  • Ensures the correct practices are being met
  • Attends board meetings and other presentations
  • Drives profitability of the business
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